Snow at Last!

It began to snow yesterday and continued for most of the day, so we decided to stay at home and work! Today it is beautifully sunny and the landscape looks wonderful in the snow. There are tracks all across the garden where the hares, rabbits, pheasants, stoats, and goodness knows what else have wandered about in the night.

Everything is completely still and quite frozen. Even the rushes in the fields are coated in frozen snow. With the sun on it the view is quite dazzling. In the distance Pendle and the hills going over towards Skipton are all white too so we know that the snow is all around us. Nevertheless the daffodils are beginning to fight their way upwards, a happy and hopeful harbinger of warmer and greener times to come.

View from Merrybent Hill Luxury B&B to Pendle Hill on a snowy morning
Looking to Pendle Hill from Merrybent Hill

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