Djokovich & Nadal

Watching the incredible tennis on display in Melbourne this morning, especially from Novak Djokovich, it occurred to me that no matter how talented you are at what you do, you must always try and work extremely hard at being better. Its not an easy thing to do, sometimes you're tired or out of sorts, or simply not in the mood, but if you really care about what you do, those low moments pass and you go back to striving to improve.

I would love to be able to hit just one shot with the power and speed and accuracy of a Djokovich or a Nadal, but I doubt very much if I ever will! Nevertheless that is my aim, my goal, my desire. I will never stop trying to be better at tennis, squash, photography, or running a B&B. These are my passions, and my goal in each of them is to be the best I can be.

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