The Cuillin from Gesto in winter, Sgurr nan Gillean at rear left
The Cuillin from Gesto

When you have known the Isle of Skye for more than 20 years and owned a property on the Island for the last 10 years it is very easy to become complacent about the landscape. It was only when I was re-building this website and reviewing some of my images that the astonishing beauty, drama and diversity of Skye was brought to mind again.

Of course every time I visit my property, Green Pastures Cottage, I immediately love the amazing views and the peace that can be found there, but I am often so busy working at the cottage that I forget to take a day off and go and explore the wonders of Skye again.

The incredible landslip landscape of  Trotternish, Isle of Skye

There is something quite remarkable about Skye that I have never found in any other place on earth. It is not just the extraordinary landscapes, though of course those are a major part of Skye's appeal. But fantastic landforms can be found in many places. No, it is a quality about Skye that is unique. There is a serenity here, a deep, quiet peace, that envelops you if you let it. You can't come to Skye and expect to rush about. The pressures of the world that most of us experience just don't apply here. Rushing gets you nowhere. Take time out, allow the dreamy pace of life to absorb into your soul, listen to silence, wind, sea. Sleep like you have never slept before, with the purity of relaxation and the calmest of dreams. This is Skye.

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